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Sibahle Collection - Black Dolls

The Sibahle Collection is a product of Bounce Essentials Africa. Sibahle is a Zulu word that means “We are beautiful”.

The Sibahle Collection was born out of a need to encourage our black children to be comfortable in their own skin. The dolls under this collection have features that resemble most African children’s facial and body features. The flat nose, the fuller lips, the kinky hair, the dark skin, the more pronounced cheeks, etc. We want our children to know they are beautiful the way they are. We hope the doll’s hair will teach our children how to take care of their own natural hair from a young age.

The princess theme is meant to reassure our children that no matter what shade of black they are, they are, in our eyes our PERFECT AFRICAN PRINCESSES!

Whether you are looking for African American Dolls, Black Baby Dolls the collection will suit your every need.

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made” – Psalm 139:14