Bounce Ambassador Program


We are changing the concept of Brand Ambassadors.  We want to reward and empower our ambassadors by giving you the tools to build a profitable business. By promoting Bounce products on your blog/social media/network, you will be rewarded financially for your efforts.

You LOVE our hair, You have TONS of followers on social media, now what?.  Turning this Instafame into a profit making venture isn't only smart, it's necessary! Think for a moment about all the times someone has asked you, "Where did you get your hair?" and you simply gave them the information for free. What if every time you told someone to buy hair or a doll, you got paid for it? Well now you can..............

This program is not for you if you are looking to receive free hair with no work.



Social Guru

This is for savvy and smart customers with tons of Instagram followers and friends who want to earn for referrals, just for doing something they already do anyway. Simply paste your unique link on all your social media accounts, tell your followers, fans and friends about your Bounce hair, and watch the money add up. You will earn start by earning 10% for each sale, beginning at your first referral. Payments are made on the 1st of each month. Sign up here Enter Email:  

The marketeer

You've got a massive circle of friends and associates. This is for that girl who knows EVERYONE at work, church, hangouts, or anywhere she goes! Everyone wants to know where you buy your hair! And now, instead of telling them for free, get paid when they copy your fabulous style. You are a leader and a fashion forward thinker. Isn't it about time someone recognized you for it? We will pay you 10 % on every sale, the first of each month. It's just that simple. Refer others to sell under you, and earn commission off of their sales too! Sign up here 

Enter Email:



University Ambassador 

Does everyone at school love the way your hair looks and want to know where you get your hair? Send friends...make money or earn hair. It's that simple!!  Sign up here

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Hair Stylist

This is for stylists and professionals in the beauty industry. Send your clients to your personal link directly when they need to purchase hair for installation. You must show valid proof that you are a stylist performing hair extension installations regularly. You will earn up to 10% for each sale, beginning at your first referral. Payments are made on the first of each month. Sign up here 

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Now for the best part? You can log in to your own personal dashboard panel and track your progress! You will be able to see where all your clicks come from, what they are buying, and how much you have earned! No surprises. 

Not everyone is accepted, so be sure to answer all the questions so that we can get a good picture of who you are.  The more you refer, the more you earn.  It's just that simple. 

In addition to offering you the dashboard to track sales, we will also provide you with pre-made banners, graphics and ads to post on your own blog, web page, email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Need some help? We're just an email away.

To get started, simply apply using the form below, or click HERE

 Or email to learn more.