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Bounce Essential Hair

B.E Afro Puff

B.E Afro Puff

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Introducing the Ultimate Style Game-Changer: B.E Afro Drawstring Ponytail Extensions for 3B-3C Hair Types!

Bounce Essentials is proud to unveil our beautifully crafted 100% virgin ponytail extensions, perfectly tailored for individuals with 3B-3C curly hair. Our drawstring ponytail not only promises an effortless attachment but also offers unparalleled versatility for both your daily natural looks and those special textured styles for evenings and weekends.

These drawstring ponytails are designed to mirror the natural beauty of 3B-3C curls, featuring densely packed springy ringlets in an elongated s-pattern, for a seamless blend that enhances your natural hair. Customize your look with a selection of lengths and fullness levels to match your unique style and preference.

Select Your Perfect Match:

12 inch Pony: Achieve a playful and easygoing Puff Length Ponytail, perfect for day-to-day wear.

18 inch Pony:  Opt for a Shoulder Length Ponytail, offering elegant versatility for any occasion.

24 inch Pony: Command attention with a Long Goddess Length Ponytail, the epitome of sophistication and allure.

Crafted from unprocessed, virgin hair, our extensions arrive in a spectrum of natural colors from medium to dark brown, ensuring you receive the highest quality product in its most authentic form.

Step into a world of endless styling possibilities with Bounce Essentials' drawstring ponytail extensions. Tailored for the unique textures of 3B-3C hair, these extensions are your key to effortlessly upgrading your natural look, guaranteeing a flawless match and customizable style that's distinctly yours. Elevate your hair experience with B.E Afro Pony and enjoy a transformation that’s as natural as it is stunning.

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