B.E Afro - Clip in


Unlock Instant Glamour with Our Premium B.E Afro Clip-In Hair Extensions!

Step up your hair game in just minutes with our exclusive "B.E Afro" Collection, designed for those with 4B-4C hair types. Our 100% virgin afro clip-in extensions are the ultimate shortcut to enhancing your hair’s natural beauty by adding both volume and length. Crafted to blend flawlessly with your own hair, these extensions feature our kinkiest texture yet: a delicate balance of fine and coarse strands arranged in a distinctive zigzig-pattern, finished with a subtly elegant low luster for that perfect natural look.

Each set of our clip-in extensions is machine-made and double-drawn strands for superior durability and lush fullness. Fitted with silicone-tipped metal clips and backed by an elastic protection band, these extensions offer a secure, snug fit without the hassle of braids. Containing six pieces per set, wit100 grams depending on the chosen length, our extensions are tailored to suit a variety of styling needs.

Each set consists of 100g 100% virgin hair and is double drawn for the most optimal fullness. Each set made up of 1 x 5 clip piece, 1 x 4 clip pieces, 1 x 3 clips  1x 2 clips and 2x 1clip pieces.

To achieve a luxuriously voluminous look across your entire head, consider investing in two sets of our extensions in your preferred lengths.

Arriving in their beautiful, unprocessed natural color — a spectrum from medium to dark brown — our extensions promise an authentic, untouched quality you’ll love.

Transform your look and elevate your natural hair with ease using our "B.E Afro" Collection. These afro clip-in extensions are not just accessories; they're a statement of beauty and confidence, perfect for anyone looking to enhance their natural hair quickly and effectively.

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